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Getting started


Arrow Trader Lite Installation

Arrow Trader Lite is easy to install. To complete an installation, both FTP and SSH access to your server are required. ATX does not use MySQL, so no database is required. Installation takes approximately 5-10 minutes to complete.

step 1/6

Download the following .zip file

step 2/6

Upload the contents of this zip file to
This directory is a perfect place to write your toplists to,
so consider setting the permissions of the directory to 777

step 3/6

Download the installation package that matches the Operating System (OS) of your server

Operating System Download Link
FreeBSD 4 download
FreeBSD 5.1 download
FreeBSD 5.2.1 download
FreeBSD 5.3 download
FreeBSD 5.4 download
FreeBSD 6.0 download
FreeBSD 7.0 download
FreeBSD 6.0 - 64 bit version download
Linux - Red Hat 7 download
Linux - Red Hat 8 download
Linux - Red Hat 9 download
Linux - Red Hat Enterprise 3 download
Linux - Fedora Core I download
Linux - Fedora Core II download
Linux - Fedora Core III download
Linux - Fedora Core IV download
Linux - Fedora Core V download
Linux - Fedora Core VI download
Linux - Debian 3.1 download
Linux - Debian 4.0 download
Linux - CentOS 3.3 download
Linux - CentOS 4.1 download
Linux - SlackWare 9.0 download

If you need assistance to select the right installation package for your server, please contact us.

step 4/6

Upload the *.tar.gz file in binary mode to
Make sure that the directory cgi-bin/atl is set to chmod 755

step 5/6

Connect to your server with your SSH client (putty, secureCRT, WinSCP, etc).


When using putty, type your domain in the "Host Name (or IP address) field and click on "Open"
Your server will ask for a username and password.
Remember that while you're typing the password nothing will show on the screen.

After logging in, go to the /cgi-bin/atl directory, where you have just uploaded the file *.tar.gz file to.
While connected via SSH, you can use the following commands

Type ls -l to display the contents of the directory you're in
Type pwd to display the current path
Type cd dirname to go to a sub-directory named dirname
Type cd ../ to go to a parent directory
Type exit to log out from your server and close the secured connection
After logging in, depending on the directory structure of your server, You probably need to type one of these commands


cd cgi-bin/atl

cd htdocs/cgi-bin/atl

Once you're inside the cgi-bin/atl/ directory, it's time to extract and install ATL, so type the following commands:

gunzip at3_db40.tar.gz

tar -xvpf at3_db40.tar

chmod 755 install.cgi


1 (new installation)

chmod 0 install.cgi

rm -f at3_db40.tar

If no errors occured you can close your ssh client by typing
If the installer did report any errors, write down the error and contact support

step 6/6

Open your browser and surf to
Login to the admin area with user / pass

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